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Create a Derived Table

⚠️ This service is in beta ⚠️

Create a Derived Table is a tool for creating persistent derived tables in Athena. Read on to find out more or get in touch at the #ask-data-modelling channel.


Getting Started

Planning Models

Creating Models


Deploying Models

Further documentation


  • Learn more about dbt in the docs
  • Check out Discourse for commonly asked questions and answers
  • Join the chat on Slack for live discussions and support
  • Find dbt events near you
  • Check out the blog for the latest news on dbt’s development and best practices


Unless stated otherwise, the codebase is released under the MIT License. This covers both the codebase and any sample code in the documentation.

The documentation is © Crown copyright and available under the terms of the Open Government 3.0 licence.

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